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#What Is The Highest Speed That Someone Got A Speeding Ticket For?

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The Fastest Speeding Ticket

#What Is The Highest Speed That Someone Got A Speeding Ticket For?

How fast was the driver going when they got pulled over and presented with their frame-able ticket?

The Fastest Speeding Ticket

Supposedly, the highest reported speeding ticket was issued in Texas in May of 2003.

The driver was in a Koenigseggs CCR and was allegedly going 242 mph (389 km/hr) in a 75 mph zone.

The Koenigseggs CCR is a mid-engine Swedish-made supercar with a 4.7 L twin-supercharged V8 engine putting out 806 hp. Only 14 were ever built – some would say it was made to go fast.

The Koenigsegg claimed the CCR was the fastest production car in existence with a top speed of more than 245 mph (395 km/h) when it was first released.

It seems like this owner was determined to test the claim. Of course, the driver was arrested and his car towed.

Do you think it was worth it?

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