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#How To Get Your Summer Tan To Last Longer? 7 Ways To Stay Bronze

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1. Apply Sunscreen Before Heading OutBenefits2. Opt For Appropriate Self Tanning OptionsBenefits3. Stick To Cool Showers AlwaysBenefits4. Moisturize Well For Tan RetentionBenefits5. Get Rid Of Dead Cells With ExfoliationBenefits6. Use Effective Body Oils For Better GlowBenefits7. Eat The Tan-Enhancing FoodsFoods Rich In Beta Carotene Conclusion

#How To Get Your Summer Tan To Last Longer? 7 Ways To Stay Bronze

Summer season emerges with never-ending water sports and late-night beach parties. Every person wishes to make the most out of the holiday season.

One of the best things about this time is the chance to achieve the perfect tan. With minimal efforts, you can get a flawless tan in no time. However, sun rays are a major source of Ultraviolet radiation.

From mild skin irritation to skin cancer predisposition, the UV-packed sun rays can do it all. This is where the alternative methods for retaining the suntan come to your rescue. You can prevent the pigmentation from wearing off with just a few steps. 

Keep reading to know the best ways that enhance your tan and make it last longer than you can ever imagine…

1. Apply Sunscreen Before Heading Out

Everyone is well-aware of the need to apply enough sunscreen, but how many of us actually follow it? Probably not a lot! When it comes to tanning, sunscreen plays a crucial role.

Not only does it protect your skin against the harmful rays, but it also prevents unwanted skin rashes and sunburns. What ’s even better is that with the right amount of sunscreen, you can enhance as well as maintain the tanning.

Make sure to apply at least three tablespoons of it for optimum protection against skin cancers, rashes, and other dermatological ailments. Maintain a flawless skin throughout the summer with timely application of sun protection creams as well as lotions.


Prevents Patchy Pigmentation that can make your skin appear uneven in complexion. Sunrays possess the ability to impart pigmentation in the exposed area. So, wear your hat as well as sunscreen before stepping out.    Anti Aging Effects due to a regular application of sunscreen keeps your skin vibrant, glowing, and healthy. Along with this, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles upto a great extent. 

2. Opt For Appropriate Self Tanning Options

Self-tanners are one reliable means of enhancing the tan without many side effects. What makes these creams even better is the ability to prolong the duration of the tan.

You can find a variety of products like creams, top quality tanning lotions, and sprays in the market that incorporate skin tan faster. With the top-notch chemicals like dihydroxyacetone (DHA), you achieve a brighter and reliable tan.

Although the product works well for sunless tanning, you can also use it for incorporating as well as enriching the sun tanning procedure. Fetch yourself a commendable self-tanner and achieve the sun-like tan within a few days only.


Allows Tanning With Ease and doesn ’t require you to step out under the harmful sun rays. You can achieve an ecstatic tan just by sitting on the couch. However, make sure to fetch a self-tanner that is FDA approved.  No Skin Discoloration like other tanners often causes. Also, self-tanner is considered pretty safe and reliable when it comes to short-term use. Apply the tanner once a day for over a week and see the changes for yourself.

3. Stick To Cool Showers Always

Preventing the tan from wearing off is as crucial during the summer season. If you wish to maintain the attractive bronze skin throughout the year, make it a point to take cold showers. Showers with warm water often dehydrate your skin and transform it into a dry one.

This is the major reason behind losing the tan within a few days only. Cold showers improve circulation and keep the skin salubrious. Along with this, couple up the showers with a top-notch bathing oil that acts as a protective shield against environmental factors.

Keep the water under room temperature for maximum benefits related to suntan as well as skin.


Improves The Level Of Endorphins, which thereby brings about clarity of thoughts, energy as well as mood enhancement. With regular cold showers, you can achieve healthy skin in no time Removes The Redness & Swollen Skin by causing vasoconstriction. Coldwater leads to constriction of the blood vessels and boosts circulation. That way, you achieve glowing and beautiful skin.

4. Moisturize Well For Tan Retention

Some people tend to overlook the importance of moisturization before bathing under the sun. However, with proper moisturization, you can prolong the tan for about two folds of the original duration. This is because the lotions keep your skin cells healthy and plump throughout the process. Hence, it preserves the skin tone and fetches a glow that is ever-lasting.

Stick to regular moisturization as well as hydration if you wish to retain the pigmentation. That way, you don ’t have to spend hours under the ultraviolet radiation aiming to level up your skin tan. Make it a point to get yourself a moisturizer that contains minimal alcohol content. Due to high levels of alcohol, your skin dries up faster and turns rough.


Traps The Moisture & Prevents Dryness of the skin. It acts as the perfect shield and holds the moisture inside the skin. Due to this, your skin remains glowing and bright throughout the day.  Keeps The Dermatological Ailments At Bay and maintains the vibrant skin. Excessive exposure to the sun leads to wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and rashes. With the right moisturization, you can easily prevent the aging effects on your skin.  Enhances the Tan by trapping the healthy nutrients and water content inside the skin cells. That way, your skin cells react better to the pigmentation and melanin formation. 

5. Get Rid Of Dead Cells With Exfoliation

As the summer season approaches, the skin cells undergo deterioration at a faster rate. Accumulation of dead cells might render the facial creams ineffective in the long run. That is where exfoliation comes to your rescue.

With regular scrubbing with a nutrient-rich scrubber, you can get rid of dead skin cells in no time. What ’s even better is that exfoliation promotes long-lasting skin tan.

Not only does it allow you to prep your skin for the skin tan, but it also retains the pigmentation longer than usual. Exfoliate your skin once a week for vibrant and healthy skin. 


Prevents Pore Clogging and makes way for the skin creams and lotions to act. That way, the skincare routine takes a turn and shows positive results in no time. As the dead cells accumulate, they tend to block the passage that leads the lotions to the effective sites.  Maintains an Acne-Free skin by removing the clogged dead cells and preventing blackheads. All you need to do is scrub your face every week and get rid of the skin blocks due to dead skin cells. With this, the anti-acne creams and nutrients seep into the skin cells properly.

6. Use Effective Body Oils For Better Glow

There are innumerable benefits of body oils, especially when it comes to retaining the tan. To keep the skin well-tanned and glowing all the time, you must use the potent body oils filled with nutritional value.

Make sure to apply the oils over the exposed parts of your body for a better suntan. This works by creating a protective skin around your skin and preventing the tan from wearing off. Apart from this, it increases the build-up of melanin in your skin. With an increase in the build-up of melanin, your skin appears all tanned and bronzy. 


Reduces Stress & Pains due to excessive lactic acid accumulation. As the stress goes away, so does the stress hormones which hinder the tanning procedure. Make sure to glow up with essential oils before embarking upon your suntan spree. Preps Your Skin For The Tan by creating a protective shield and preventing the escape of tan. Along with this, it traps the moisture inside the skin. That way, your body achieves as well as retains the tan for a longer duration. 

7. Eat The Tan-Enhancing Foods

Apart from the creams and gels, you must keep your diet top-notch to achieve the perfect tan. There are certain foodstuffs that help in enhancing the tan as well as make them last longer. Due to their chemical constituents, these foods are often regarded as tan-enhancing foods. Make sure to consume a diet rich in beta carotene which increases the production of melanin.

As the levels of melanin increase, so will the appearance of skin tan. What ’s even better is that you can enjoy sipping on a watermelon cooler right next to the beach shore. The best way is to carry the foods along with you wherever you go sunbathing.

Foods Rich In Beta Carotene 

Fruits like Tomatoes, Watermelons, and Cherries are highly rich in beta carotene and vitamin A content. Consumption of these foods can increase the skin tan around two folds. Along with this, the tan is likely to last longer if you keep eating the foods every now and then.  Veggies, particularly Carrots & Spinach also contain a considerable amount of Vitamin A. Not only will this provide you with bronzy and pigmented skin, but it also fetches a better visual field as a complimentary benefit. So, make yourself a spinach smoothie and go on the tanning adventures.


Health involves both the physical as well as mental well-being and often starts from your skin itself. Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is just as crucial as eating right.

You must stick to a regular skincare routine and try to get the perfect tan.

People encounter difficulties in retaining the tan that they achieve after loads of hard work. However, with just a few steps, you can make the pigmentation last throughout the year. Just grab the right moisturizer and stick to the regular lotions. You should also consider exfoliating your skin often to get rid of the dead skin cells.

In the end, use the self-tanners as needed to enhance as well as incorporate a rich skin tan. 

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