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#How are Kevin & Madison?

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What do you most want to see when it comes to This Is Us season 5 episode 9?

#How are Kevin & Madison?

This Is UsThis Is Us season 5 episode 9 is entitled “The Ride,” and there are a lot of big-time milestones that will be featured throughout. You are going to see Kevin & Madison and Kate & Toby head home with new babies, and there is also going to be an opportunity to see how they cope with the new circumstances in their lives. There will be fantastic, heartfelt conversations, but also moments where some people few the world with a whole new lens.

What could that mean for Kevin and Madison, pictured above? A part of it may just be understanding more of what this family means to the two of them. We ’re just happy that she looks so happy after becoming a mom.

To better prepare for tomorrow ’s new episode, watch our take on what transpired last week below! This is a part of our weekly This Is Us video coverage; if you subscribe to Matt & Jess on YouTube, you can make sure you don ’t miss any other updates.

One of the fun things about this episode behind the scenes is that it was directed by Jon Huertas, who you otherwise know as Miguel. In a new interview with The Wrap, here is some of what he had to say about what you can expect thematically:

“This episode is about starting new families, [and] we will see across all of the family units that ‘This Is Us ’ has created, we will see everyone starting a brand-new family, or a new version of their family in some way or another with a baby, or babies,. And that can be a very stressful thing, bringing home new babies. And every single one of our characters deals with that differently. And we will see the different dynamics between each of our families within the Pearson clan itself, our micro families, from Beth and Randall to Toby and Kate to Jack and Rebecca. And it ’s really cool how we have a couple of parallel stories with a couple of our characters. Kevin and Madison are bringing home twins, neither one of them have been parents, it was an unexpected pregnancy. So, I think that ’s what we ’re going to be dealing with. How do these characters deal with these new situations? And how do they deal with them differently and also very similarly, because they are all part of an overall Pearson clan.”

In other words, this is one of your classic This Is Us hours designed to kick you straight in the feels. Prepare yourself accordingly.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to This Is Us season 5 episode 9?

Be sure to let us know with some thoughts and theories below! After you check that out, remember to stick around — there are some other updates coming tomorrow once the episode airs.

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