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#Clive Barker ’s Nightbreed TV Show Gets Trick ‘r Treat Director Michael Dougherty

#Clive Barker’s Nightbreed TV Show Gets Trick ‘r Treat Director Michael Dougherty

Horror legend Clive Barker has revealed that Trick ‘r Treat and Godzilla: King of the Monsters helmer Michael Dougherty will serve as a director for the upcoming Nightbreed series adaptation. The original Nightbreed, written and directed by Barker, was released in theaters in 1990. Barker recently spoke about how progress has been going with the Nightbreed TV show, confirming that he is now writing “the bible” for the TV series’ plot. Additionally, Barker mentioned that Dougherty will be working as a director for the series and that he’s excited to be working with the filmmaker.

“It’s exciting, after 30 years, to go back to these characters and find out who’s still speaking to me, who wants their story told. My tongue isn’t in my cheek when I say that as when I start a piece, it’s listening. The writing is a piece of listening, I’ve always said I was a journalist and what I was reporting on was the space between my ears,” Barker said of the Nightbreed series.
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For several years, a planned TV series adaptation of Nightbreed has been in the works at Morgan Creek with Barker’s direct involvement. If a name director has since gotten attached, that would suggest that the project is finally progressing towards beginning production.

As of now, with Clive Barker still fleshing out the story, plot details have not been revealed for the upcoming series. We can presume that it will have a similar storyline to the original movie and the novel it was based on, unless Barker decides to set the series in the same universe.

Based on his horror novella Cabal, Nightbreed follows a mental patient named Aaron who discovers a mythical place called Midian inhabited by friendly “monsters” hiding out from civilization. Meanwhile, with a serial killer on the loose, Aaron must step up as a reluctant hero for the tribe after coming to terms with his own transformation into one of the “Nightbreed.”

Nightbreed starred Craig Sheffer as Aaron Boone. The movie also starred Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid, and Hugh Quarshie. Hellraiser favorite Doug Bradley also appears in a prominent role. No casting announcements have yet been made for the upcoming series adaptation.

Along with the new Nightbreed series, Clive Barker will also be collaborating with Michael Dougherty on another small screen adaptation of a classic horror movie. In the works at HBO, a planned Hellraiser series will explore the mythology of the hit horror movie franchise which starred Bradley as Hell Priest — otherwise known as Pinhead. Dougherty will be serving as a writer alongside Mark Verheiden, and David Gordon Green, the director of 2018’s Halloween sequel, will direct several episodes. The three will also executive produce with Danny McBride, Jody Hill, Brandon James, and Roy Lee.

In the meantime, Hulu will release the new Clive Barker-inspired movie Books of Blood on Oct. 7. The series is based on the horror stories found in Barker’s book series of the same name. Brannon Braga directed the project, which was executive produced by Seth MacFarlane. This news comes to us from

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